Grieving Loss and Embracing the Future

Interesting article and reminder that loss and grieving are a process and everyone copes differently, don't do it alone ... if you are grieving whether it be the loss of a loved one, a relationship or something else entirely let's talk (941) 376-6834. 


Article from Psychology Today Author,  John D. Rich, Jr., Ph.D.:

"... If you are grieving, don't worry about any of that. The grief process plays out differently for everyone. Grieving is the interplay between the desire to pay homage to the deceased and the need to move forward and be grateful for the life you still have in front of you, and for the lives of those you love, who are still here. My father may not be here any longer but my mother and brother are. My wife is still alive, and so are our two incredible children. My father will still be there, in my memory, forming me into this person I am becoming. For now, I still have people I can call, who I can see and hear and smell and touch. So do you ... Read full article: