Let's Unplug the Christmas Machine - Article from Pyschology Today

The holidays are frequently a time for high emotions which can trigger anxiety, stress and even depression. Please browse the article below and note that most people do nothing to reduce stress during the holidays and instead suffer in silence. Depression at anytime is not okay, let’s talk.


From Pyschology Today Author, Thomas J. Sims M.D.:

“Christmas season is a busy time of the year and what should be a time for love and joy many has turned into a hectic period of stress, splurge, expense, and a cornucopia of attending activities that must be endured even though they are rarely looked forward to.

There’s shopping to be done, menus to be planned, cooking and baking to be finished before hordes of people arrive. Then there’s the never-ending scores of presents to be decided on, purchased, wrapped, and placed under the tree.

Black Friday has just happened, and many are still recovering from the exhausting stress that follows the activity.

Most distressing of all is the fact that Christmas has become the epidemic of commercialism and stress it now is – not because we want it to be – but because we have been conditioned into thinking so many of the “things” we feel must do are necessary to make Christmas merry for those we love!

What should Christmas be?

Christmas has become a time of both emotional stress and financial stress.

Wallet stress

A survey done by NBC News in November 2012 revealed that a staggering 45% of Americans would prefer to skip Christmas because it causes so much financial pressure and anxiety.
In a similar survey, 54% of people said they planned to spend $500 or less on Christmas while another 27% said they planned to spend somewhere between $500 to $1000 on Christmas presents.

Time Management stress

Christmas tends to cause ‘time management stress’ as well as wallet stress simply because there are so many things we want to get done, yet time is limited to do them …” Continue Reading: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/under-extreme-circumstances/201812/lets-unplug-the-christmas-machine